Upload WC3 Maps Here

You can upload w3x/w3m files to the Warcraft 3 Bot's Maps folder.
Be sure to check if the map is already on the server
This isn't a permanent map storage; maps may be deleted to save space.
Melee maps need to be manually configured to be played on the bot.

Bot commands can be whispered or typed in the channel 'A_Bot'
Username Trigger (ie '2map BuildAndBrawl')
A_bot !
A_bot#2 2

Lobby/InGame triggers are still '!'
The bots are usually on all servers but some servers may temporarily block the bot's IP

'map'/'map GrandPrix' | will load '(8)AzerothGrandPrix.w3x'
'load'/'load LostTemple - obs' | Will load said melee map with observers slots.
'priv'/'priv lobby' | Create a private lobby with the name 'lobby'.
'pub'/'pub lobby' | Create a public lobby with the name 'lobby'.
'unhost' | Close the lobby
'start'/'start force'/'!startn' | Start the game in the lobby
'end'/'endn' | End a game in progress

Real-time memes | auto-update